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My Coaching is Personal and Hands-On with a Team Approach style.


self-awareness coach

Ask Yourself...

Am I feeling as though I'm living in the shadows? 


Do I have difficulty expressing my true feelings?  

Behind The Curtain
Confident Woman

Do I project the confidence that demands respect from others?

Can I identify what fears are holding me back from reaching my full potential?

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My 12-Week Program can help

Week 1 - Identify your stengths from your past experiences.

Week 2 - Understand your thought process to start thinking positively.

Week 3 - Staying Calm (enough said)

Week 4 - Self-Care both mentally and emotionally

Week 5 - Emotions vs Feelings (yes, they are different)

Week 6 - The power of Visualization

Week 7 - Progress Review (It should be evident by now)

Week 8 - Identifying your Support Group

Week 9 - Setting Goals (planning for success)

Week 10 - How Self-Affirmations can motivate change.

Week 11 - Communicating with Love and Intention (we all need love!)

Week 12 - Setting Boundaries (boundaries keep us in control)

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